Fellows’ Public Engagement

NEUROSWIPE – Dr Judith Harrison

An app has been created by a group of staff and students from Cardiff University, to help scientists sort through thousands of brain scan images in large scale studies of brain disease. The app, named neuroswipe, encourages members of the public to take part in categorising the images. Dr Judith Harrison, Wellcome Trust, GW4 Clinical Academic Training Fellow, is leading on the project.

To read the full article ‘Swipe Right to help Tackle Brain Disease’ (Cardiff University) click here

NEUROSWIPE is a public engagement study funded by the Wellcome Trust Institution Strategic Support Fund.

Cardiff Brain Games 2019 – Mr Dmitri Shastin

GW4-CAT Fellow performing neurosurgery on jelly brains at Cardiff Brain Games! Read about our Cohort III Fellow neurosurgeon Dmitri Shastin participating in a public engagement event at Brain Games 2019.  The pink jelly brains are worth a view! Dmitri Brain Games 2019 (1)

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