Programme Governance

GW4-CAT HP Governance and Advisory Structure

Management Board

The GW4-CAT HP Management Board is chaired by the Director, Prof. John Iredale and has representatives from each of the partner institutions. The Management Group is responsible for strategic and operational oversight of the programme.

Bristol (Chair)Prof. John Iredale (Executive Director)
GW4Dr Jayne Bailey (Programme Manager)
BathDr Prasad Nishtala (Co-Director)
BathProf. Neil McHugh (Institutional Lead)
BristolProf. Richard Coward (Director)
BristolProf. Yvonne Wren (Institutional Lead)
CardiffProf. Kathryn Peall (Director)
CardiffProf. Donald Fraser (Institutional Lead)
ExeterProf. Angela Shore (Institutional Lead)
ExeterProf. Kate Ellacott (Co-Director)

Steering Group Committee

The Steering Group Committee is chaired by Professor John Iredale. Members of the committee are experienced and knowledgeable clinicians and scientists from a range of institutions. The committee meets annually and provides advice and expertise to the GW4-CAT HP Management Board and support the overall strategy for GW4-CAT HP, governance, and the development and delivery of the programme, now and in the future.

InstitutionBoard MemberSpecialty
BristolProf. John Iredale (Chair)Medicine
ExeterProf. Andrew HattersleyMedicine
BristolProf. Golem KhandakerMedicine
ExeterProf Sallie LambPhysiotherapy
CardiffProf. Paul MorganMedicine
BristolProf. Tim ParkinVeterinary
Bristol/SevernProf. Debbie SharpDeanery
ExeterProf. Maggie ShepherdNursing
NHS R&D and NHS CommissioningDr Becca SmithNHS
BristolProf. Jeremy TavareScience
CardiffProf. David ThomasDentistry
BathProf Stephen WardImmunology

External Advisory Board

The External Advisory Board is chaired by Professor Helen McShane, University of Oxford and consists of clinical academic representatives from a range of institutions. The External Advisory Board provides reflective input and advice to the Management Board, to contribute to the strategic development of GW4-CAT HP.

InstitutionBoard MemberSpecialty
OxfordProf. Helen McShane (Chair)Medicine
King’s College London Prof. Martyn Cobourne Dentistry
NHS Wales Prof. Donna Mead Nursing
Aberdeen Prof. Christine Bond Pharmacy
NewcastleProf. Lynn RochesterPhysiotherapy
Edinburgh Prof. Richard Mellanby Veterinary

Operational Board

The GW4-CAT HP Operational Board consists of members from all four participating institutions, representing the finance, human resources and post doctoral students departments. It is chaired by the Programme Manager, Dr Jayne Bailey. The main responsibility of the group is to support the management and co-ordination of the programme.

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