Application and Selection Questions
Supervisor Questions
Funding Questions
General Programme and PhD Questions

Application and Selection Questions

Q: When are the application deadlines?
See our ‘Selection Process’ page.

Q: How many offers do you make each year?
We make 3 to 5 appointments each year.

Q: How competitive is the programme? The application process is highly competitive. To date the following applications, shortlists and appointments offered are as follows:


Q: Do I need to have taken an academic medical or dental foundation training path to apply?
No, not all dental or medic GW4-CATs will have followed the academic foundation programme path. As long as you have evidence of research experience, a clinical foundation path will not put you at a disadvantage.

Q: What specialties are accepted on the programme?
As long as it fits with the senior supervisors in our GW4-CAT supervisor pool, there is no restriction on the specialties we accept.

Q: What kind of research experience do I need?
Applicants will have previously undertaken research, such as an Academic Clinical Fellowship (medical and dental graduates), an internship or residency (veterinary) or via an alternative route such as the Clinical Primer from Bristol, Cardiff or Exeter. If you are unsure if your research experience is appropriate for an application to GW4-CAT, please contact the administrative team on GW4-CAT@bristol.ac.uk

Q: Can I apply to GW4-CAT to part-fund an existing research project?
No. The scheme does not part-fund existing research.

Q: Do I need to include a project proposal with my application?
No. Applicants are not expected to have developed a final project proposal by the time of application or interview but they should have researched the available supervisors and have a project outline in mind. The GW4-CAT introductory week will enable successful applicants to tour the facilities on offer and meet several supervisors to identify a suitable project.

Q: Can I (and/or my supervisor) propose a research project?
Ideally candidates will not have identified research projects prior to applying. An important aspect of the GW4-CAT scheme is the matching of successful applicants to the most appropriate supervisor and research project.

Q: What will be expected of me at the interview? You may be asked to prepare a short presentation for the interview but you will be given details of this in advance, if necessary.

As the GW4-CAT admissions process is not project-focused, you will be expected to show that you are a motivated clinically qualified trainee and demonstrate the capability and drive to undertake a period of research with a view to developing a long-term career as a clinical academic. You will need to convincingly explain why GW4-CAT is the right programme for you and have a general idea for a project at interview including potential supervisors.

Supervisor Questions

Q: The academic I want as my senior supervisor is not part of the GW4-CAT supervisory pool. Can they be added?
An essential aspect of this programme is the matching of successful applicants to the most appropriate supervisor for their research project. The project plan you have in mind may change after you have been accepted onto the programme, so you are expected to be flexible with your initial ideas for your supervisory team. Any academics wishing to be considered as a senior supervisor for a GW4-CAT fellow must contact the administrative team to submit an expression of interest.

Funding Questions

Q: What funding does GW4-CAT offer?
See our Funding page.

Q: How long does the funding last for?
The standard duration of a GW4-CAT fellowship funding award is three years (or part-time equivalent) from the date of registration at your host institution.

Q: Does the funding cover carer costs?
GW4-CAT funding will cover some carer costs that are incurred for PhD-related activities outside of standard working hours, subject to approval.

General Programme and PhD Questions

Q: Where will I be registered for my PhD? You will be primarily registered at the university at which your senior supervisor is employed but you will also be an honorary or visiting student at the other GW4-CAT institutions, if required.

Q: How much clinical work am I allowed to do while studying for my PhD?
GW4-CAT will allow you to undertake up to one clinical session (6 hours) per week of clinical work if appropriate.

Q: Are clinical psychologists eligible to apply? At this time the GW4-CAT programme is open to medics, dentists and veterinarians only.

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