GW4-CAT HP PhD Programme

Programme Update 28th October 2021

We are pleased to announce the Wellcome Trust-funded GW4-CAT Programme which was previously open to medical, veterinary, and dental graduates, is now open to ALL health professionals who are registered with a UK regulatory body. Please see the recent GW4 PRESS RELEASE for more information.

The Programme

GW4-CAT HP is a three-year (full-time) PhD programme, which provides exceptional support, training and guidance from world-leading academics and research environments.

What We Offer

You will receive a prestigious Wellcome Trust PhD Training Fellowship for Clinicians through GW4-CAT HP, which includes:

  • Generous funding for three years (full-time), which will include a clinical salary, tuition fees, an appropriate consumables and animals (if required) budget, and £5,000 for training and travel. For more information, see our ‘Funding’ page
  • Access to world-leading research groups and facilities
  • Dedicated support from a member of the Board of Directors and to help you put together a project proposal, which best utilises the advantages of working within the GW4 alliance
  • A clinical mentorship scheme, which will assist you with a smooth transition from academic to clinical work
  • An extensive range of training opportunities, both specific cohort training organised by GW4-CAT and access to training across the GW4-CAT institutions
  • A well-developed cohort with ties across three institutions
  • Some flexibility as to PhD start-dates and working-patterns. Your personal circumstances and preferences will always be carefully considered
  • An exclusive administrative team

For an idea of what to expect after appointment, see our ‘Programme Timeline’

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