Senior Supervisors List

The table below details the Senior Supervisors currently available to supervise projects on the GW4-CAT HP Programme. A printable version is available here

NamePositionemail addressResearch areaORCID ID
Dr Harry Ahmed
Senior Clinical Lecturer in Epidemiology. Director, Academic Fellows, linked healthcare records0000-0002-0634-8548
Prof John AtackDirector, Medicines Discovery discovery0000-0002-3410-791X
Prof Duncan BairdChair, School of Medicine, Professor of Cancer and biology0000-0001-8408-5467
Prof Andrea BrancaleProfessor of Medicinal design, synthesis and development0000-0002-9728-3419
Prof Donald FraserDirector Wales Kidney Research underlying injury & scarring in the kidney and peritoneum0000-0003-0102-9342
Prof Awen GallimoreCo-Director of Systems Immunity Research the correlates of anti-viral and anti-cancer immunity to inform the design of new treatments0000-0001-6675-7004
Prof Liam GrayProfessor of Functional Neurosurgery, Neuroscience & Mental Health Research therapeutics0000-0001-7595-8887
Prof Jeremy HallDirector – Division of Psychiatry and Clinical Neuroscience, Director – Neuroscience and Mental Health Research Institute, Hon. Consultant translational models0000-0002-0403-3278
Prof Neil HarrisonClinical Professor in
Prof Ian HumphreysDirector of Systems Immunity Research Institute. Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow. Infection Lead, Division of Infection and regulation of immune responses during viral infections0000-0002-9512-5337
Prof Derek JonesProfessor, Director of of methods for diffusion magnetic resonance imaging and its application to healthy and diseased states0000-0003-4409-8049
Prof Simon JonesDean of Research; Co-Director of Systems Immunity Research Institute; Research Theme Lead – Infection, Inflammation &
Prof Meng LiChair in Stem Cell Neurobiology, Neuroscience & Mental Health Research molecular mechanisms underlining neural fate specifications and the differentiation of neuroectoderm cells onto defined neuronal subtypes0000-0002-4803-4643
Prof Kevin MurphyWellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow Head of Brain Imaging MRI0000-0002-6516-313X
Prof Valerie O’DonnellProfessor of lipid biochemistry, Division of Infection and & characterisation of new lipids made by circulating vascular cells that regulate immune defence and blood clotting0000-0003-4089-8460
Prof Frances RiceProfessor of Developmental Psychopathology, Division of Psychological Medicine and Clinical psychopathology0000-0002-9484-1729
Prof Neil RobertsonClinical Professor of Neurology, Division of Psychological Medicine and Clinical Sclerosis & Ataxia0000-0002-5409-4909
Dr Victoria ShepherdNIHR Doctoral & Advanced Fellow (Nurse) Making0000-0002-7687-0817
Prof Valerie SparkesDirector: Biomechanics and Bioengineering Research Centre Versus pain dysfunction0000 0003 4500 9327
Prof James WaltersDirector, MRC Centre for Neuropsychiatric Genetics and Genomics; Deputy Director/Professor, Division of Psychological Medicine and Clinical genetics0000-0002-6980-4053
Prof Darren CoskerDepartment of Computer Science
EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Statistical Applied Mathematics (SAMBa) convergence of computer graphics, animation, computer vision and psychology0000-0001-5177-4741
Prof Chris EcclestonInnovation in pain management
Research, development and consultancy in pain and rehabilitation management and rehabilitation0000-0003-0698-1543
Prof Richie GillCo-Vice Chair of Centre for Therapeutic Innovation (CTI)
Innovation in musculoskeletal (MSK) treatment (MSK) engineering
hip and knee joint function, disease and treatment 
Prof Fiona GillisonHead of Department for Health
Centre for Motivation and Health health behaviours to prevent and reduce obesity0000-0002-6461-7638
Prof Richard GuyDepartment of Pharmacy & barrier function, characterisation and transdermal drug delivery0000-0003-3227-9862
Prof Sarah HalliganProfessor of Child and Family Mental development of psychological disorders especially PTSD & depression in young people0000-0002-3436-3358
Dr Abbie JordanDr Senior Lecturer in Health chronic pain and its impact on young people and families0000-0003-1595-5574
Prof Robert KelshProfessor of Stem Cell crest (stem) cell development, especially fate specification0000-0002-9381-0066
Prof Edmund KeoghProfessor of mechanisms of pain0000-0002-1615-3699
Prof Jonathan KnightPro-Vice-Chancellor (Research) and optical physics0000-0002-0802-8804
Prof Banafshe LarijaniProfessor of Therapeutic disciplinary research (physical sciences) to develop novel avenues for investigation of biological processes in signalling 0000-0003-4735-1169
Dr Anita McGroganSenior Lecturer in utilisation and medication safety in vulnerable populations0000-0003-3855-9400
Prof Neil McHughProfessor of of idiopathic inflammatory myositis, scleroderma, lupus and juvenile idiopathic arthritis
Early detection and treatment guidelines in psoriatic arthritis
Prof Randy MrsnyProfessor, Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology
Centre for Therapeutic Innovation of epithelial cell structure/function in health and disease0000-0001-8505-8516
Prof Adele MurrellProfessor of and metastasis disruption to genome organisation leading to the aberrant expression of several genes related to cancer cell survival0000-0003-2647-3511
Prof Harry RutterProfessor in Global Public health, complex systems, obesity, physical activity, and disease prevention0000-0002-9322-0656
Dr Jenny ScottSenior Lecturer in Pharmacy based intervetions for people with drug addictions0000-0002-4920-0914
Dr Paula SmithSenior Lecturer Palliative and end of life and end of life care0000-0002-2945-8694
Prof Dylan ThompsonProfessor of Human activity, exercise and nutrition0000-0002-6312-1518
Prof Stephen WardProfessor of Pharmacy and of inflammation and fibrosis0000-0002-6795-6002
Prof Zafar BashirProfessor of Cellular how synaptic transmission occurs, can be regulated and modified; 0000-0003-3650-2136
Prof Christiane Berger-SchaffitzelWellcome Trust Investigator, Professor of cells recognize problems during protein synthesis and target the defective proteins and their encoding mRNAs to degradation0000-0002-1516-9760
Prof Andrew DickProfessor of eye disease0000-0002-0742-3159
Prof Adam FinnProfessor of and immunity0000-0003-1756-5668
Prof Matthew HickmanProfessor in Public Health and Epidemiology – Deputy Head of School and Head of Population Health disease control; the epidemiological and public health consequences of drug use0000-0001-9864-459X
Prof Matthew JonesProfessorial Research Fellow in neurons distributed across functionally specialised brain regions share information0000-0001-5396-3108
Prof Golam KhandakerProfessor of novel immunological mechanisms and potential treatment targets for major psychiatric disorders0000-0002-4935-9220
Dr Duleeka KnipeVice Chancellor’s social determinants of mental health especially suicide and self-harm0000-0002-1040-7635
Prof Deborah LawlorProfessor of’ health and pregnancy0000-0002-6793-2262
Prof Paul MartinProfessor of Cell wound healing in several genetically tractable model organism0000-0002-2665-5086
Prof Ruth MasseyProfessor of Microbial genomics to study pathogenicity0000-0002-8154-4039
Dr David MatthewsReader in host cell interactions with an emphasis on respiratory viruses0000-0003-4611-8795
Prof Marcus MunafòProfessor of Biological into, & consequences of, health behaviours and mental health0000-0002-4049-993X
Prof Eugenia PiddiniProfessorial Research Fellow in Cell competition: mechanisms and function in cancer0000-0003-3901-076X
Prof Caroline ReltonProfessor of Epigenetic understanding of the role of epigenetic processes in disease and development using population-based approaches0000-0003-2052-4840
Prof Anne RidleyProfessor and Head of School, School of Cellular and Molecular Medicine,, cell migration, cell signalling0000-0001-8186-5708
Prof Moin SaleemProfessor and Consultant Paediatric Nephrologist, Bristol Children’s disease research including podocyte biology and nephrotic syndromes0000-0002-9808-4518
Prof Nicholas TimpsonProfessor of Genetic contribution of genetic factors to complex traits and the use of genetic data within frameworks of epidemiological analysis allowing causal inference0000-0002-7141-9189
Dr Emma VincentResearch Fellow, Bristol Medical epidemiology & cancer cell biology0000-0002-8917-7384
Dr Helen WeaversResearch Fellow, School of strategies used by developing and repairing tissues to make them resilient to damage0000-0002-5383-6085
Prof Clive BallardProfessor of Age-related diseases, Pro-Vice Chancellor and Executive
Prof Inês BarrosoProfessor of aetiology and mechanisms of type 2 diabetes0000-0001-5800-4520
Prof Gordon BrownDirector MRC Centre for Medical the role and function of C-type lectins in immunity during fungal infection0000-0002-0287-5383
Prof Linda ClareProfessor of Clinical Psychology of Ageing and application of cognitive rehabilitation approaches for people with early-stage Alzheimer’s Disease0000-0003-3989-5318
Dr Peter CookLecturer – Wellcome Trust Sir Henry Dale Fellow MRC understanding of asthmatic immunopathology0000-0002-5208-4985
Prof Andrew CrosbyProfessor of Human genomic and neurogenetics0000-0003-3667-9054
Prof Sian EllardProfessor of Genomic technology for disease gene discovery and diagnostic tests especially in Monogenic diabetes, congenital hyperinsulinism0000-0002-7620-5526
Dr Sarah FlanaganAssociate Professor in Genomic Medicine and Sir Henry Dale Research disorders of insulin secretion0000-0002-8670-6340
Prof Tim FraylingProfessor of Human wide approaches to identify genetic variation associated with common disease0000-0001-8362-2603
Dr Rachel FreathyAssociate Professor and Wellcome Trust Senior Research factors affecting the growth of a foetus in utero and its association with type 2 diabetes in adulthood0000-0003-4152-2238
Prof Neil GowProfessor of mycology0000-0002-2776-5850
Prof Andrew HattersleyGillings Chair of Precision Medicine, Professor of Molecular Medicine & Consultant of the genetic and molecular basis of inherited conditions0000-0001-5620-473X
Prof Gaspar JekelyProfessor of neural circuit bases of behaviour0000-0001-8496-9836
Prof Johnathan MillProfessor of pathology of neurodevelopmental and neurodenerative disorders 0000-0003-1115-3224
Prof Noel MorganProfessor of Endocrine Pharmacology; Director – Institute of Biomedical & Clinical (patho)physiology of the pancreatic beta-cell in type 1 and 2 diabetes0000-0003-1537-8113
Dr Kash PatelWellcome Trust Fellow and Consultant in Diabetes & the genetics of diabetes especially Monogenic and Type 1 diabetes0000-0002-9240-8104
Prof Soojin RyuMireille Gillings Professor of behavioural dysfunctions due to prolonged or severe exposure to stress hormones0000-0002-7059-0160
Prof Austin SmithDirector, Living Systems stem cell biology0000-0002-3029-4682
Prof Nick StoneProfessor of Biomedical Imaging and optical diagnostics within the clinical setting0000-0001-5603-3731
Prof Krasimira Tsaneva-AtanasovaProfessor of Mathematics for application of mathematics for personalised diagnosis or treatment of health related conditions0000-0002-6294-7051

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