Our Fellows

The 2017-18 intake of GW4-CAT Fellows:


Dr Michael Ambler

Clinical Specialty: Intensive Care

Mike is an intensive care registrar, with an interest in the physiology of hibernation and torpor and its potential application in the setting of critical illness. Before medical school, he completed a degree in physiology and psychology and is pursuing a neuroscience interest in his research, which aims to identify the neural circuits that control entry into torpor.

Dr Sarah Clarke

  Clinical Specialty: Paediatrics

Sarah is a Paediatrics registrar and her research interest is in juvenile idiopathic arthritis (JIA) and its associated uveitis. She graduated from the University of Oxford Medical School in 2011, having previously completed an undergraduate degree in immunology.  Her NIHR funded Academic Clinical Fellowship was spent within in the ocular immunology groups at the University of Bristol (UK) and National Institutes of Health (US). Sarah is excited to be moving into a new field for her GW4 Fellowship and will be investigating population-based approaches to further risk stratify children with JIA.

Dr Rebecca Carnegie

Clinical Specialty: Psychiatry

I am an Academic Psychiatrist with a clinical and academic interest in mood and anxiety disorders- particularly before, during and after pregnancy. I began my research career with a Wellcome Trust Clinical Primer scheme at Bristol University, and subsequently was awarded an NIHR Academic Clinical Fellowship in Psychiatry. During these posts, I developed skills in large scale quantitative data analysis and epidemiology. My plan for the GW4 CAT Fellowship is to expand my repertoire of research methods to incorporate further observational techniques for exploring the complex aetiology of mental disorder, aiming to identify modifiable risk pathways and improve clinical management.


  Dr Jude Harrison

Clinical Specialty: Psychiatry

Judith is a higher trainee in psychiatry. She studied Medicine at the University of Dundee and began psychiatry training on the Maudsley Hospital rotation. She was funded by the Cardiff MRC Clinical Academic Mentorship scheme and the Welsh Clinical Academic Training scheme before joining the Wellcome GW4-CAT. Judith is fascinated by the biology of neuropsychiatric diseases. As part of the GW4-CAT she is undertaking a PhD on genetics and magnetic resonance imaging in Alzheimer’s Disease.

Her other interests include improving physical health outcomes for people with mental illness. She is a Trainee Editor for the British Journal of Psychiatry, and tweets in a personal capacity as @drjudeharrison.


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