Successful Research Training Fellows will be awarded a grant from the Wellcome Trust, which will cover:

  • A clinical salary, which will be negotiated after appointment in line with the ‘UK clinical academic training in medicine and dentistry: principles and obligations’ document
  • University tuition fees at the home rate
  • Associated project costs
  • A contribution towards travel expenses
  • Some carer support costs where necessary, subject to approval
  • A contribution towards core and specialist training costs
  • Funding for animal costs will also be available if required but this will be considered on an individual project basis and will be subject to approval by the Wellcome Trust

Please Note

If you do not qualify for home fees at the institution your primary supervisor is based at then you will be required to pay fees at the overseas rate and the difference between home/EU and overseas fees will not be covered by the grant.

The standard duration of a GW4-CAT fellowship funding award is three years (or part-time equivalent) from the date of registration at your host institution.

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